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Ibis Mojo HD3 w/ upgraded Shimano XTR wheels


Psalm 130:5 Mt. Si in North Bend, WA

Picture taken at Mt. Si in North Bend, WA. Fuji X100s

The Enchantments – Washington State Alpine Lakes Wilderness


Early morning picture of me looking out at Prusik Peak with the golden larches – Fujifilm X100S


Same location as picture above with me looking at the sunrise – Fujifilm X100S

Pike Place Market In Seattle

Seattle's Pike Place Market

Captured by Todd Kim in Seattle’s Pike Place Market using a Canon EOS 5D and Sigma 12-24mm .

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Mt. Rainier Picture Using Olympus E-1 Pro Digital SLR

Mt Rainier Olympus E-1 Living Life Media Todd Kim

Taken from a plane with view of Mt. Rainier using Olympus E-1 Digital SLR

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